EdTech Exchange Privacy Policy

An individual’s personal information, including name, email address and telephone number, will not be sold, rented or otherwise transferred to a third party without that individual’s explicit consent.

Personal data will be processed in accordance with the EdTech Exchange’s data protection policy; processed fairly and lawfully; processed for limited purposes and not in any manner incompatible with those purposes; adequate, relevant and not excessive; accurate; not kept longer than is necessary; processed in line with data subjects’ rights; secure and not transferred to countries that do not protect personal data adequately.

The Policy guides how we collect, store and use information about you and will be periodically assessed against new technologies, business practices and your changing needs. EdTech Exchange may, from time to time, modify the Policy to reflect legal, technological and other developments. In that event the changes will appear at this location. We recommend you regularly check the Policy in order to remain aware of the contents of the latest version.

Data subjects can request that all data relating to them be removed. We cannot guarantee that every list containing information about the data subject can be identified. Removing a name from all lists does not guarantee that the individual will not be contacted again, if, for example, a new mailing list contains the deleted name. The only solution to this problem is to maintain an exclusion list that contact lists can be vetted against when used. In order that having an exclusion list does not contravene the Act we will ask permission from the individual to hold their name on an exclusion list.

Legitimate Interest

Under GDPR there are a number of lawful reasons that we can use (or ‘process’) your personal information. One of the lawful reasons is called ‘legitimate interest’. Broadly speaking ‘legitimate interest’ means that we can process your personal information if: we have a genuine and legitimate reason and we are not harming any of your rights and interests.

So, what does this mean? When you provide your personal details to us we use your information for our legitimate business interests to carry out providing information on education related matters. Before doing this, though, we will also carefully consider and balance any potential impact on you and your rights. Some typical examples of when we might use the approach are for preventing fraud, direct marketing, maintaining the security of our system, data analytics, enhancing, modifying or improving our services, identifying usage trends and determining the effectiveness of our campaigns.

EdTech Exchange will regularly update you with details which may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such updates you may contact us or opt out of the mailing.

On request you may also request details of all data EdTech Exchange has compiled about you. Requests for a copy of subjects information will be responded to within 40 calendar days to process the request. The 40-day period starts when the request has been received.